Chroma Crash!

Chroma Crash! 2.5

Click on the blocks before the laser ray of the green frog hits them
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Chroma Crash! is the latest version of this shareware board game. It used to be called Chroma-Ways but now it has been renamed. Oddly enough, the old version and the new one are both available for purchasing and downloading from the developer's website, and evaluate them free of charge. After purchasing any of the two versions of the game, we receive a license key, which is valid for both. Chroma Crash features three games options: Easy Trips, which has 11 levels, Adventure (15 levels) and Challenge (20 levels). The trial version has 8 levels available and we can only play in the Easy Trips mode which includes Quick play and Travel. At startup, we can select several options, such as full screen, video mode, music volume, sound volume, voices. In this game, we but click on the colored blocks as quickly as possible and make them disappear, before the laser ray of the green frog hits the blocks. At the beginning there are blocks with more tiles of the same color but as we go further in the game, the blocks go smaller and smaller, at the end consisting of just one tile so we have to go faster and faster. We get points and bonuses. We can see our level and score, all the time. There is also a high score table for the registered version. It runs under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems.

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  • Free demo


  • Boring to death game
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